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The lone star the real case analysis the reason of website drop right hematemesis share.

second, outreach. Often A5 friends should have a general understanding of the author, because the A5 has been a loyal fans, so often send some about your site operation experience, experience the optimization of course inside will join their company’s website connection, these articles may be some viewpoints and some access to some people understand, but the author makes sure that all these articles from the heart, are their own optimization efforts and experience summary, these articles witnessed their growth are witnessing the development along the way, the strength of A5, here I thank A5 editor, thank you for helping us hard to review articles.

second, article. The article content increase always adhere to high quality, mainly through to the understanding of the industry and the company’s products to start, according to their own experience or from the relevant expert organization experience, summed up in line with the needs of readers, the user experience, in line with the search engine the taste of the article, and the article is also gradually added, the day is almost. The day included, because if the quality problems first of all articles included this certainly not this time, even if be included will be deleted in second days, so the site is down right because of the problem the reason can be temporarily aside, we continue to analyze the following. read more

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You need to share education construction site several design problems


three, the content of the site of the thick

for some of our site is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, visitors to practice, we need to do as much as we may make our visitors on our site to feel friendly.

we all know that humans are often able to animal vision, for their attention to things can cause more attention, and this factor has a far-reaching impact on our site "return", at the same time for the education site we must understand the definition of design as an educational website to give the appearance of people with a sense of poise, rather than fancy, too fancy design will think our site is frivolous.

four, siteThis is

I said here that the appearance of the site is not simply said to fancy, but mainly refers to the structure, layout, color website is reasonable, consistent with the definition of our site: education. read more

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360VS loves Shanghai who will occupy the market search marketing

combined with the above points, we can see that we feel about 360 in a short period of more than love the Shanghai basically no worries what is necessary, we can draw such a conclusion, that is: 360 no way in a short period of time more than love Shanghai search marketing market share, it may with the brand influence on

3.360 user groups, and the love of Shanghai is from home.

clearly, we according to 360 recent and frequent commercial activities to love Shanghai can see, they are for their own search marketing to win more customers. Love Shanghai search marketing share has been the way ahead other domestic search engine such as: soso, Sogou, Youdao, 360 can be regarded as a dark horse in the field of search engine, but also the love of Shanghai’s largest competitors, it can not let love Shanghai alert read more

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How to use video to advertise their products to increase the chain

but if we just want to make the most simple advertising video, the use of PR is enough, you can also use this software and similar video editing software, such as So>

but when I read the article by using the video outside the chain after the article, think of another question, is that in general the video website, for example, youku贵族宝贝 weight is very high, use Adsense tools inquires can see its weight is 9, that is to say, if you can take use this video website to stay outside the chain of their own or advertising, will bring great help to product marketing, but the reality is that many of my friends do not know how to use video sites to advertise themselves, because they do not know how to make video.

, however, is not as we imagine making videos so complicated, sometimes if you want to make a quick and easy video, do not need 10 minutes to complete the film a few seconds, even with the upload to video website, through the audit time and so on, but also can solve the matter within 30 minutes so, what we can to make their own video software of read more

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Want to let Taobao natural search traffic soared You must know the details of the N!

2. on the new

many people have been relatively vague state for natural search, especially at present, Taobao search rules changes very quickly, a lot of factors.


(5) stores you label more clearly, under the influence of the time frame is smaller. In fact, keep up with the principle of a factor is the same, the label more clearly, can be directly matched to the corresponding user.


this question, some people say that the shelf time has no impact of commodity natural search ranking, this is certainly wrong, because if it does not affect the goods, Taobao 7 world rules there is no need to frame, right, so he must still affect the product natural search rankings.

weighted natural search

1. shelf time now in the end is how to affect the commercial natural search rankings? read more

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Do the four prerequisites for website ranking

!Finally I wish you

on the road again, farther and farther, wallets, don’t give up, don’t give up, insist, will have a good harvest!

mentality is very important, no matter when we do anything, don’t be afraid of difficulties, insignificant, there is a hit, give up, in this way, every one of us is equal, so when confronted with difficulties, must be calm, don’t complain that, we need to find the root of the problem then, to solve the problem, and give up easily, this is a prerequisite for optimization of the

Two, the construction of the chain of



The construction of chain


for newcomers, the appearance of the website will directly affect your conversion rate, when the user first time to see your site, he will judge is not to remain to the above, so the appearance of the site is very important, for the new, you can according to your starting point, you can imagine your website is judged, of course, if you do not know how to judge the appearance of the site, never mind, I am here for example, we look at the 贵族宝贝0951boai贵族宝贝 appearance of the site, although not very good, but to a certain extent, the premise already allows users to stay for a long time. read more

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Shanghai dragon joking development thinking custom Discuz Forum

a reminder: any website, the name of free banner, is to attract popularity, you don’t mind others with what way, anyway, not free, will not be able to attract those who are in need and confused people, etc. these people become your membership, can guide the beginning.

, the basics. At first the industry location

Hello, I’m Zhu Weikun, first of all to thank a lot of my recent trends of friends, not for a long time to write the article, are engaged in some network marketing data collection, there is some of the Internet to participate in the interview, he also recently served as the 8 speed transit YY channel administrator every Friday night, so I put the time in these things, there is no writing. Today, a friend in the Discuz forum, the forum information how I do it, because the relationship between iron, but also a little understanding of the forum, on the way to use their own ideas to write some, and also to share with other friends in need. read more

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Several reasons analysis of the chain blog not to be affected by the book

did not pay attention to Hot Blog. The spider to Hot Blog go very often, you do blog also often go to Hot Blog, increases included probability.

There is no specific

chain stack. The blog site of the home page is not outside the chain too much, especially in the beginning, the love of Shanghai is not included too many outside the chain of the blog page.

please indicate the source

website optimization can be said to grasp the details determine success or failure, some details of the skills tend to be more effective, so is the blog promotion. The blog promotion is almost the webmaster will be involved in the daily work, want to be included in the blog link, need to master certain methods and techniques to do promotion, otherwise do is useless, update every day in vain.

novice webmaster and Shanghai dragon Er, blog in the chain of time, found frequently updated blog for a long time has been included, so the chain blog is not Pastebin in the end what is the reason? Today we are going to discuss. read more

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Shanghai dragon enterprise website optimization is no longer difficult, only because of this set of

enterprise website optimization of the status quo of Shanghai dragon

little brother pay survey found that 99.9% of the local enterprise website (whether it is a small company, or large old company) stays in the optimization of the above Shanghai Longfeng foundation, daily work is to make the original, exchange chain, text analysis, log data etc.. It’s undeniable that some outstanding Shanghai Longfeng workers through their own excellent Shanghai dragon can be keyword optimization to the first page even before three, but in the end they found sad index of one hundred or two hundred words, in one day after bidding against but not 10 IP, more cruel is one half of the search traffic may be the contribution of your peers. This is why some webmaster joked Shanghai dragon for the enterprise website is a joke. read more

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China ten inspirational website first inspirational world where the K station

believe that every webmaster all know, huge gains huge amount of good game site is recognized within the industry, so the "inspirational brother" in their own weight high, is not satisfied to the contents of the inspirational volume began to like a small game to start, an inspirational station game? This is actually not what strange also, can not cause the site to be K drop right, but if the use of TAG cheating began to do some keywords their own website without content words, this is undoubtedly the "cry up wine and sell vinegar", apparently inspirational brother practices indeed in the short term to get traffic to the site to soar from 2289 millions of traffic, which will undoubtedly make many webmaster envy, "

first we look at the data that the station is from 17 until 19, included the beginning of abnormal, uprooted, I believe that concern love Shanghai algorithm update friends will find a time these days is also love Shanghai update, why big update in 6-8 month in the station standing, even the flow has greatly improved, but little in this comparison under update has been plucked? read more

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