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Super Bowl 53 ticket prices in 2019 as compared to history

first_imgSuper Bowl tickets are historically hard to come by, and it’s even more difficult to find them at a decent price.That’s proving to be true in 2019 as the overall demand for Super Bowl 53 tickets has fluctuated from previous years, a trend that’s been chalked up to everything from Patriots fatigue to a lack of enthusiasm within the Los Angeles market to travel to watch the Rams attempt to spoil New England’s bid for a third championship in five years. History of Super Bowl ticket pricesGoing to the Super Bowl these days is expensive, to say the least, but tickets weren’t always so far out of reach. Here’s a look at the ticket prices from the past with what that cost would be equivalent to today taken, according to a database compiled by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune in 2018.YearSuper BowlTicket costTicket cost (inflation)Matchup19671$12$90Packers vs. Chiefs19682$12$87Packers vs. Raiders19693$12$83Jets vs. Baltimore Colts19704$15$98Chiefs vs. Vikings19715$15$93Baltimore Colts vs. Cowboys19726$15$90Cowboys vs. Dolphins19737$15$87Dolphins vs. Redskins19748$15$79Dolphins vs. Vikings19759$20$95Steelers vs. Vikings197610$20$89Steelers vs. Cowboys197711$20$84Raiders vs. Vikings197812$30$118Cowboys vs. Broncos197913$30$108Steelers vs. Cowboys198014$30$95Steelers vs. Rams198115$40$113Raiders vs. Eagles198216$40$10549ers vs. Bengals198317$40$101Redskins vs. Dolphins198418$60$145Los Angeles Raiders vs. Redskins198519$60$14049ers vs. Dolphins198620$75$169Bears vs. Patriots198721$75$166Giants vs. Broncos198822$100$213Redskins vs. Broncos198923$100$20449ers vs. Bengals199024$125$24249ers vs. Broncos199125$150$275Giants vs. Bills199226$150$268Redskins vs. Bills199327$175$303Cowboys vs. Bills199428$175$295Cowboys vs. Bills199529$200$32849ers vs. Chargers199630$350$559Cowboys vs. Steelers199731$275$426Packers vs. Patriots199832$275$420Broncos vs. Packers199933$325$488Broncos vs. Falcons200034$325$475St. Louis Rams vs. Titans200135$325$458Ravens vs. Giants200236$400$557Patriots vs. St. Louis Rams200337$500$679Buccaneers vs. Raiders200438$600$799Patriots vs. Panthers200539$600$776Patriots vs. Eagles200640$700$871Steelers vs. Seahawks200741$700$853Colts vs. Bears200842$900$1,052Giants vs. Patriots200943$1,000$1,168Steelers vs. Cardinals201044$1,000$1,138Saints vs. Colts201145$1,200$1,344Packers vs. Steelers201246$1,200$1,306Giants vs. Patriots201347$1,250$1,339Ravens vs. 49ers201448$1,500$1,582Seahawks vs. Broncos201549$2,111$2,000Patriots vs. Seahawks201650$2,500$2,605Broncos vs. Panthers201751$2,500$2,500Patriots vs. Falcons201852$2,500$2,500Eagles vs. PatriotsMORE: Ranking the Super Bowl 53 concession itemsSuper Bowl concession pricesGetting to the Super Bowl is expensive after adding up airfare, hotel and tickets. Fortunately, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium has decided to keep the price of consessions low, a policy championed by Falcons owner Arthur Blank. The menu includes $2 hotdogs, $2 refillable soft drinks, $3 nachos, $5 burgers and $5 beers. Just try not to develop a craving for Chik-fil-A on Sunday. But there are still some tickets available on the resell market in the days leading up to the biggest game of the year.SUPER BOWL 53 PICKS:Rams-Patriots predictions from SN’s expertsStubHub has nearly 3,000 unsold tickets as of Jan. 31 ranging from $2,500 to $23,203.50, with the latter price for a single 50-yard line seat in the “SunTrust Club.” One Patriots fan reportedly paid $180,000 for eight tickets at the 50-yard line after New England’s victory over Kansas City.Here’s a look at how much money attending Super Bowl 53 can run an average fan, factoring in ticket prices and the cost of concession food items while at the big game.Super Bowl ticket prices in 2019Get-in price: $2,557 (StubHub)Average purchase price: $4,613 (StubHub)As of Jan. 31, StubHub’s cheapest ticket sold was for $2,000.Ticket IQ, which tracks the rate of prices according to the level of the seat inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium, has found there is not much of a difference between upper and lower level tickets.With #SuperBowl ticket quantity up overnight, the cheapest ticket price has dropped 9%, now from $2,750 📉 Lower-level end zone from $4,085, Mezzanine from $3,500, Clubs from $10,000. DM US for a $300-Off Code 🙌 Low Price Guarantees Here 🎟️👉 https://t.co/bULw3Rpmrf pic.twitter.com/A7ZZFA4ern— TicketIQ (@Ticket_IQ) January 30, 2019MORE: How much to Super Bowl commercials cost in 2019?Super Bowl ticket trendsAccording to TickPick, fans from Los Angeles and New England made up the majority of tickets purchased before the Super Bowl matchup was set, showing those cities were confident in their team’s success. Ten percent of ticket purchases came from Los Angeles while 11 percent came from New England. After the Rams and Patriots won their respective games, tickets purchased from New England rose to 31 percent while ticket purchases in Los Angeles rose to 16 percent. Ticket prices dropped once it was determined the Patriots would be in the big game, something that can most likely be attrbiuted to fans getting sick of seeing New England in the Super Bowl. MORE: Super Bowl logo has become ‘corporate, soulless’ like ‘NFL itself’last_img

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