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Kansas appeals Silvio De Sousa’s 2-year NCAA ban

first_img NBA Draft 2019: Mamadi Diakite becomes fourth Virginia player to declare early “With Silvio I haven’t quite thought it all the way through, talking with him and everything. I think it may be in his best interest to declare,” Self said, via The Kansas City Star. “If we don’t know where this is it buys another month for him to get a chance to try out for some folks and see what happens. The reality of it is, is he needs another year of college to definitely create the most earning power he could possibly have. Right now he doesn’t have that much. Nobody’s seen him play.”A 6-9 forward from Angola, De Sousa averaged 4.0 points and 3.7 rebounds in 20 minutes per game in 2017-18 as a key bench contributor on KU’s Final Four team. According to the NCAA, De Sousa’s guardian, Fenny Falmagne, received $2,500 from an agent and school booster and agreed to accept $20,000 from that same booster and an Adidas employee for making sure De Sousa attended Kansas.That Adidas representative, T.J. Gassnola, said in federal court that he sent the $2,500 to Falmagne in January 2018 to help pay for De Sousa’s spring courses. He also said the $20,000 was to get De Sousa out of his commitment to Maryland, where a booster there was paying Falmagne $60,000 to get De Sousa to play there.Falmagne said he did accept the $2,500, but that it was donated to a church in Florida. He also said he didn’t accept the $20,000.De Sousa has until Sunday night to declare for the NBA Draft. Given the situation, Kansas coach Bill Self said at the team banquet Tuesday that De Sousa might be better off declaring for the draft instead of dealing with the ban. Kansas is attempting to get the NCAA’s two-year ban of forward Silvio De Sousa overturned.The NCAA ruled Feb. 1 that De Sousa’s guardian took money from a Kansas booster and agent and agreed to continue to receive money from that party in the future. De Sousa sat out the 2018-19 season awaiting an NCAA ruling in the case, and now the Jayhawks are appealing the ban, saying De Sousa was unaware of the transactions and he didn’t benefit from them. “The University of Kansas today submitted its formal appeal on behalf of men’s basketball student-athlete Silvio De Sousa, challenging the two-season penalty De Sousa received from the NCAA for alleged violations that he was unaware of and from which he did not benefit,” the school said in a statement Thursday.Kansas said it would not comment any further on the issue until the process was finished. Related Newslast_img

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