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A lack committed to Valverde 40 years ago generated national debate and changed the law of football

first_imgAlthough West Ham won thanks to a goal from Trevor Brooking and knowing that the team’s deed was more than important considering the category in which they competed, the protagonists in the media were the next day Paul Allen and Willie Young. No one explained that this rule could be like that and that the youngest player in the history of the FA Cup at that time had been deprived of the most important day of his career without punishment according to the consequences that would have had the play resolved with a shot.The debate in England was served and that led to the rules of football changing and dictating that an entry behind a player who faces the rival goal without opposition must be sanctioned with a red card. At least, in the case of Allen (and not Morata) he ended up raising the title. Álvaro Morata ran just to face Thibaut Courtois when Fede Valverde He decided to interrupt the play with an ugly entry from behind disregarding the ball that cost him the red card. The rest, they already know. Now let’s change the protagonists, the moment and the stage. May 10, 1980, end of FA Cup in England, confrontation between Arsenal Y West ham united.In this case, the 17-year-old Paul Allen would play Álvaro Morata, running without opposition only to the goal, while Willie Young, the central Arsenal who would serve as Valverde, I made an entrance from behind at ground level that cut the action just before it entered the area. At that time, West Ham already won 1-0 despite belonging to the second English division. The referee, after witnessing the play, quickly took the yellow cardboard while Young ran his hand through Allen’s hair as an apology. The victim did not even complain about the decision even though he had faced only Patt Jennings, which It probably would have been goal. But there was no complaint from the player. And is that the regulation at that time dictated that in a play of that style should only be sanctioned with a yellow card, unlike what is done now, which is to indicate an expulsion, without discussion.last_img

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