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Vox Pop | Are you happy with how the Sligoville Stadium is being used?

first_imgWhat would you want to seeat the Sligoville Stadium?Sashawna Powell”It’s only when events are taking place you see things happening – cleaning up, mostly. They don’t really service the facility as how they are supposed to and we are not comfortable with it. We are looking out for the young people but not only the young people, but the sports facility is supposed to be used more because it is a sports complex.Danario ThomasWe would like to be able to see more big football games, games that we can see on TV. I would like to see the national team train here. We use it to play football on it Monday to Friday, and we should try more to protect the facility when we in the community use itKenrick ThomasWe need more development in the community and the stadium is just there wasting. We would like some more things taking place that it can benefit us in the community. We would like to help maintain it, but we don’t know who is really responsible for it, to know how to go about that.Lionel Baird”I believe it can be utilised some more. The schools should come and use it more for sporting activities, and I heard G.C. Foster was taking over. It has improved. The seating was the main problem but they fixed that and they have cut the field so they can play on it, so it is all right now but we need more activities, that is the key thing.”last_img

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