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Canal No 2 Polder roads finally rehabilitated

first_imgAfter multiple reports in the media about the state of the Canal Number Two Polder access road, residents have confirmed that repair works were done.Speaking with Guyana Times on Thursday, a resident of the area, Mark Itwaru indicated that much relief has come to the community after their road was resurfaced with asphalt.Sections of the fixed road“Presently, the Ministry of Public Infrastructure come and repaired the road and they resurface it and patch whatever had to patch and so forth.”He noted that while they were happy with the improved road, it seemed as though the works were incomplete since seven speed-bumps in the area remained unpainted. As such, it is of concern to those who traverse the roadway.“The piece of road that they do, they put speed bumps on the road and they didn’t identify the speed bumps properly. In the night, it does be very hard to make out the bumps. They just make it with the asphalt and they leave it like that,” Itwaru said.He added, “They put two small reflectors and you don’t see that from a distance. It’s very hard to pinpoint the speed bumps. They need to paint it so that you can be able to identify that you approaching one because is about seven in the areas that they do.” The unlit roadway spans some seven miles, and multiple calls have been made for streetlights to be installed, since the many animals that wander along the road have been the cause of several accidents.“The only concern we the villagers have to say is that [in] certain areas we need streetlights. That is our biggest concern in the village. During the night, the road is one road in, and we don’t have much streetlight,” Itwaru said. “The streetlights there presently is what residents put on. We would be happy if the Ministry can be able to put on some streetlights to bright up the road. The animals would normally be on the roads and sometimes you don’t see them.”Previously, it was reported that the main canal was also in need of clearing after the growth of moss and aquatic plants negatively affected drainage.Efforts have been in progress to have the canal cleared. “I see they come and clean the trench, but it don’t look like they finish as yet,” Itwaru noted.last_img

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