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Sir Roger Moore’s coolest James Bond gadgets

first_imgSir Roger Moore, widely known as 007 a.k.a James Bond sadly passed away yesterday at the age of 89 after a short but brave battle with cancer. Roger Moore’s version of Bond was sleek, suave and charismatic and always exhibited style, through his cars, suits or gadgets.He arguably carried the coolest gadgets, from state of the art smart watches to shark guns to solar powered laser cannons. What is even more intriguing is how a lot of these gadgets ended up becoming a reality. For your Eyes Only actually predicted the age of surveillance we have found ourselves in with bond using a device called the ‘Identigraph’ to identify bad guys.To honor Roger Moore’s legendary portrayal of James Bond, here is a look at the most wacky, outlandish and zany gadgets ever sported by him in a Bond movie:Rolex Submariner: The Rolex Submariner, which was used by Roger Moore in the 1973 Bond film ‘Live and Let Die’, had a powerful electromagnet that could deflect bullets, saws and more. (Credit: Eon Productions)Wrist Dart Gun: The easy to hide gun came equipped with 10 darts – 5 with armor-piercing heads and 5 coated with deadly cyanide which could induce death in less than 30 seconds. The powerful little killer was activated by muscle nerve impulses. (Credit: Eon Productions)Solex laser Cannon: In ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’, villain Francisco Scaramanga builds a solex powered laser cannon which is powered by the light of the sun. He demonstrates the power of the laser to Bond by destroying his plane. (Credit: Eon Productions)advertisementShark Gun: In 1979’s Live and Let Die, Moore used a special kind of gun against the evil Dr Kananga a.k.a Mr Big. Known as the ‘Shark Gun’, it fired pressurised air pellets and was so popular that it made it into video games of the time. (Credit: Eon Productions)Seiko G757 watch: Invented by Q, the ‘smart’ version of the Seiko G757 had the following features – Live GPS tracking, universal radio directional finder, ability to stream live video feeds and the ability to act like a listening device. Oh and it could also tell the time. (Credit: Eon Productions)Lotus Esprit Submarine: Used in the 1977 film ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’, the submarine was based on the Lotus Espirit S1 and could sprout fins at the touch of a button and transform from a sleek sports car into a stealthy submarine. (Credit: Eon Productions)Identigraph: Decades before the advent of the surveillance age, Roger Moore used a machine called ‘Identigraph’ to identify bad guys on the basis of hair color, spectacles, facial structure etc. It used the above information to get a 3D-rendering of a villains face using databases of the world’s spy agencies. (Credit: Eon Productions)Faberge Egg: The villian in Octopussy steals the Faberge Egg, not knowing that Bond has planted a listening device and homing beacon into the egg. The beacon pairs not only with the above mentioned Seiko ‘smart’ watch but also his weaponised Mont Blanc fountain pen. (Credit: MGM Entertainment Company) Also Read: iPhone 8 rumour roundup: All new bezel-less design, OLED display, 3D cameras and morelast_img

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