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Sonia hopes for suitable outcome on Sri Lanka

Congress president Sonia Gandhi has told DMK chief M Karunanidhi that a suitable outcome would be reached on the Sri Lankan issue soon, according to her letter released on Monday.Acknowledging the DMK’s chief March 9 letter, Gandhi in her letter dated March 15, copies of which were released to the media by the DMK here, said: “I have been informed that the government is fully aware of the important issues involved and is engaged with all parties to find a just solution.” Amid increasing pressure from coalition ally DMK, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Monday assured parliament that India was “inclined” to vote in favour of a UN resolution over Sri Lanka’s “war crimes” and hoped it will ensure the Tamil community in Sri Lanka “equality, justice and self-respect”. Karunanidhi was quick to welcome the prime minister’s assurance, describing it as “a victory for the Sri Lankan struggle”.  (Ibn Live) “I believe the prime minister is writing to you in this regard. I hope that a suitable outcome is reached soon,” she said.