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Ventyx solutions optimise the mining value chain

first_imgVentyx states that it is the only organisation to offer integrated Enterprise Asset Management (EAM – Ventyx Ellipse 8), inventory optimisation (Ventyx Critical Inventory Optimisation) and a parts management solution (Ventyx LinkOne), all purpose-built for the needs of mining organisations. Ventyx Ellipse 8, the industry’s most comprehensive enterprise asset management (EAM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution provides complete visibility and management of enterprise-wide assets.From an inventory perspective, Ellipse enables organisations to achieve an optimal outcome in balancing the competing goals of maximising the availability of parts and other supplies and minimising the capital locked up in inventory holdings. Ellipse delivers a user-definable framework of parameters to establish and maintain inventory and procurement policies, automate the replenishment of stock items at a certain level, manage warranties on faulty inventory, and optimise warehouse and supplier management. As inventory is utilised, this information becomes key when evaluating the effectiveness of asset management strategies.Ventyx told IM: “Even when you have the right EAM system in place, many inventory management problems arise from the incorrect identification and ordering of parts. Ventyx LinkOne, the de facto standard for electronic parts catalogues in the mining industry, makes it easy for mining organizations to identify and order the correct parts. Most recently, LinkOne was enhanced with new 3D visualisation and ‘hot pointing’ capabilities, significantly enhancing the ability of maintenance managers to graphically traverse a product assembly – drilling down to a single component in seconds for faster, more accurate parts ordering.”Closing the loop, when companies do not have a fit-for-purpose EAM or have very complex inventory management challenges. Ventyx Critical Inventory Optimisation is a predictive software solution that identifies the optimal holdings of every stock item based on usage patterns and criticality, and automatically analyses and adjusts stock levels and reordering requirements on an ongoing basis – giving business a better indication of what they need and when. Understanding and effectively managing parts and inventory plays an important role in an organisation’s success and the overall health of the critical assets used in mining. Ventyx beleives that it is the only vendor to offer the comprehensive asset and parts management solutions to optimise inventory management across the mining value chain, maximise asset uptime and minimise bottom line impact.last_img