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Foursquare introduces holiday TSA grope themed badge

first_imgIf you’re flying today — the busiest travel day in the United States — you’re probably going to have to undergo the TSA’s new security procedures, which involve either passing through an x-ray machine capable of seeing underneath your clothing, or opting out and being frisked by a TSA security agent in such a way that your genitalia, buttocks and breast are actually going to be touched. Some people find the latest flourish of security theater to be extremely degrading, and we can’t say we blame them: it would be somewhat understandable if the new procedure was going to deter terrorists, but since neither the X-Ray machines nor the enhanced pat down actually are capable of seeing if you’re smuggling things on board a plane in your orifices, it accomplishes nothing while making people feel degraded. This is leaving aside the fact that since the enhanced procedure essentially pens a lot of people into an area waiting to pass through security, any terrorist who really wanted to do damage would do it would simply blow himself up in the crowd of people waiting to be cleared. Madness.So what’s the point? Well, none, but at least you can now get a cool and smarmy new FOursquare badge from it. Just check into your local area and include “TSA,” Grope” or “Don’t touch my junk” and you’ll unlock the Baggage Handle badge, which reads:Looks like you’ve had your baggage handled. Happy Holidays and have a safe flight! Read more at Foursquarelast_img