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White Xbox One is for employees only is Microsoft missing an opportunity

first_imgMicrosoft has decided to reward members of its Interactive Entertainment Business team by gifting them an Xbox One come launch day. You’d expect nothing less for a team that has been working so hard to get a new console launched, but this is no ordinary Xbox One they will be receiving.While consumers can pick up a black Xbox One on launch day in November, eligible Microsoft staff will receive a white/silver special edition that has the words “I made this” etched on to it alongside a launch team message that’s yet to be confirmed. The controller also looks to be kitted out in a matching white casing, while the Kinect sensor remains black. In addition, each employee will receive one year of Xbox Live free, a special achievement, and all first-party launch games for the machine.This is a great reward for anyone who has worked on the Xbox One team, but I can’t help but think Microsoft is missing a sales opportunity here.This lighter colored Xbox One looks really nice, and I’m sure more than a few gamers wouldn’t mind owning one over the black version. If you offered the white version at retail it would also be another differentiator over the PS4, which also only comes in black at launch.Color variants usually appear later in a console’s lifecycle, but if Microsoft is producing the white version now for employees, why not keep production rolling, drop the silver section of the casing, and offer us a pure white version? I also think a white version of the Kinect sensor would be nice. Behind my gaming TV is a light colored wall, having a white Kinect there would blend in much better than a black one. I’m sure that’s the case for a lot of people.last_img