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Buy This Comic The XFiles Case Files Flordia Man 1

first_img “In “Florida Man…” Scully and Mulder are sent to a small Florida town to investigate a rash of bizarre crimes only to find themselves in the clutches of an alligator-worshipping cult.”THE X-FILES: CASE FILES – FLORIDA MAN #1(W): Delilah S. Dawson (A): Elena Casagrande (I): Silvia Califano (C): Arianna Florean (L): Shawn Lee (CA): Catherine Nodet & J. J. LendlI don’t think they’ll ever be a time where The X-Files will fizzle out. Who would want it to? With the current season over and another on the way, The X-Files has remained a constant staple in every geek’s life that believes that there are the fun, fascinating, unexplainable and profoundly creepy things out in the universe. It’s only right that comics continue the stories of Mulder and Scully. For the 25th anniversary of The X-Files, IDW has decided to give fans what they’ve always wanted, a crack inside some of their case files. We’ve had some X-Files comics and stories before, showcasing what type of shenanigans these two get into. However, now we’re diving straight into some of the case files of the famous duo and boy, is the first one something to marvel at.via IDWDelilah S. Dawson is a pro at writing a funny and engaging story that keeps you leaning in for more. With this story, she also knows the material like the back of her hand. I think this may very well be my favorite thing she’s written. It’s often hard to write an X-Files story. It takes a keen, talented and witty pen to dive into the world of Mulder and Scully. You have to see things from two different perspectives but then come together as one and Dawson does this flawlessly.Dawson develops a case file that feels like an unfolding crime caper, pushing you out of town just to keep its secrets at bay.She pushes into the oncoming weird territory headfirst that carries a heavy hint of mystery that keeps you guessing to where it will go. Dawson skillfully brings you the pieces. She gives a little taste of the setting, the vibes of the creepy gator worshipping town and the twists of uncertainty. Dawson will leave you in this small hot alligator-loving Floridian town, begging for some answers.There’s one thing in particular that Dawson truly understands that X-Files fans (or casually readers picking this up for the first time) will love about the series. The chemistry and banter between Dana Scully and Fox Mulder. Dawson develops their dialogue in a way that comes across naturally, and there’s never a beat to them. They bounce back and forth off each other just as you would see in the series. Dawson somehow makes their interactions a little funnier and dare I say… a bit doper. It’s so great to see these two together. It’s even better to see them work on openly genuine and undeniable chemistry.via IDWElena Casagrande’s art turns the mystery up a notch that builds off of the eerie look of the landscape, and small features slyly caught with expressions from the characters. The one thing I love about Casagrande’s art is the facial expression of all of the characters, especially Mulder and Scully’s. There’s never the same face twice. Each appearance is unique in itself. Another thing that’s unbelievable is the framing of the panels. The takes these panels in a way that you’d see in the show. High, low, medium and the action is something to die for as well, with panels slanted to the side that almost resemble a Hitchcock poster. Casagrande’s art could storyboard shots for a future episode.She gives astonishing details that are enhanced by Silvia Califano’s inks, giving the panels hard inks that cast shadows but also gives it even more personality and mystery. These two work hand in hand to present a look that makes you look closer in what’s hidden behind every panel. I will also say Casagrande and Califano work perfectly together to give Scully the hair that everyone will and must envy.via IDWArianna Florean is the heart of this team. She uses her colors to bring out that hot, hot Floridian charism and charm that everyone loves. Her colors are warm and scenic, with the grass on the highway illuminating the panel in lush nature-ish greens. As well as realistic and warm colors that give off the heat that Mulder melts into and matches it with Scully’s comfort of it with her calm blues. You’re sent into a mood of relaxation and a place of residence in this strange town because Florean’s colors make it a place you want to stay for awhile.When crime comics come into play, there’s going to be a ton of dialogue thrown at the reader. It almost daring them to keep up with the mystery. Shawn Lee keeps the dialogue at a steady pace. This allows you to keep up with the investigation and the quick exchanges. He does a masterful job of guiding our eyes. He places where you can soak in every detail of what Casagrande, Califano, and Florean give us with their combined art.via IDWIf you’re worried about believing in this X-Files adventure, you must believe in it with all your might. The X-Files: Case Files – Flordia Man #1 comes with phenomenally written chemistry and a story shrouded in secrecy. The X-Files: Case Files – Flordia Man #1 is now available on Comixology and your local comic shop.4/4/18 Releases – In addition to The X-Files: Case Files – Flordia Man #1, here’s a list of other new titles that came out this week that you should be reading.Action Comics #1000 by Various (W), Various (A), Various (C) DC ComicsLucy Dreaming #2 by Max Bemis (W), Michael Dialynas (A), Colin Bell (L) BOOM! StudiosBallad of Sang #2 by Ed Brisson (W), Alessandro Micelli (A), Shari Chankhamma (C), CRANK! 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