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Ditty turns your texts into musical masterpieces

first_imgThe key to that delight is the wavering quality of the robotic speech itself. Ditty’s singers don’t sound quite human, but they already passed the lowest point of the uncanny valley and are on the upswing. Sometimes this leads to moments where your fake songs sound completely legitimate. But when the tech reaches its breaking point, like when you load the app with a word that’s difficult to pronounce like Harambe or break the character limit with “There’s No Such Thing as Ethical Consumption Under Capitalism,” Ditty’s artificial crooning becomes even more hilarious and charming. Your text is displayed on-screen to make sure listeners won’t misinterpret anything, but part of the joy is in hearing how smoothly or choppily the app can fit your text to a pre-existing rhythm. The potential for artistic meme-making rivals the much more popular app Dubsmash. After all, Ditty’s default text is “Say something stupid or awesome.” Use it for your marriage proposal!In that spirit, here are some more of the Ditty creations I’m proudest of. If you hadn’t guessed it, sharing these was the real reason for writing this post.pic.twitter.com/0JNED3lgb3— Jordan Minor (@JordanWMinor) August 6, 2016 How had I not heard of this app before? pic.twitter.com/eLJdlwO7Va— Jordan Minor (@JordanWMinor) August 5, 2016Ditty has apparently been around for over a year, and won some well-deserved Music App of the Year awards, so I’m astounded I’m just finding out about it. Why isn’t everyone talking about this all the time? It’s great! I can’t wait to see (and listen to) what the creators at Zya Music do next. It’s easy to imagine a service that, say, turns every tweet into a Ditty track, but I’m thinking bigger. If humanity weren’t so lame, Ditty would already be the basis, the musical foundation, of all language worldwide. It’s not too late to get in on this soulful cyber-singing!Get ready for my next @geekdotcom story… pic.twitter.com/R6KH5vtbkY— Jordan Minor (@JordanWMinor) September 1, 2016 Okay last one pic.twitter.com/deEZD9xLCJ— Jordan Minor (@JordanWMinor) August 5, 2016center_img Language is forever evolving, especially online. It takes more than just written words to clearly express meaning, and as communication technology improves, it continues to offer us more options for making our intentions clearer. Why send static text messages when you can send text messages that animate with emotion? Why send pictures when you can send GIFs or live photos? And why send anything else when the entirety of a movie like Dune can be represented in a handful of emojis?As soon as Ditty popped up on my Twitter feed and I realized what it did, it was clear this magnificent new(ish) app is the next step in human communication. Ditty turns your texts into a musical masterpiece. Why just type words when you can have them sung?Ditty’s hook is as simple as it is brilliant. The app, available for free for Android and iOS, is a musical text-to-speech program. Type some words and Ditty will spit them out as a hot verse. Backing up this fantastic core idea is a smart and polished user experience. You can turn your Ditty creations into music videos and the app uses Giphy to fill the background with related GIFs. You can share Ditty videos as well through services Facebook and SMS messaging, although getting them on Twitter takes a few extra steps. I had to save my songs to my phone first and then tweet them.Can’t wait for the new Star Wars! @rianjohnson! pic.twitter.com/CLOi9BKdvB— Jordan Minor (@JordanWMinor) August 31, 2016A music remixing app like Ditty lives or dies based on the available music itself. Fortunately, Ditty’s library songs is satisfyingly robust. You’ll find pop hits and classical tracks and songs in all sorts of genres. I wrote new lyrics for “Trap Queen” by Fetty Wap, “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO, “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen,” and Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5. There are even songs from blockbuster movies like Ghostbusters and Star Wars.The catch is that most of the songs cost money. If you’re dying to pair your Ditty tune with “Rey’s Theme” from The Force Awakens, you’ll have to pay a dollar, even if you already own the song on iTunes or Google Play Music. But gosh darn it, Ditty is just so delightful that paying for new songs felt totally worth it, and I never say that about free apps with in-app purchases.Can’t wait for Star Wars Episode VIII! @rianjohnson pic.twitter.com/dyOdH1ezVT— Jordan Minor (@JordanWMinor) August 17, 2016last_img