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m.in front of the Walmart on32nd Ave SouthLake Superior College’s new seven-month program provides the education needed for current and veteran military medics to work as civilian licensed practical nurses in Minnesota The Military Bridge Medic-to-LPN Program is the only program of its kind in the state said Deb Amys director of nursing programs at Lake Superior College"We’re very proud of it We’re proud to be able to provide this opportunity for our servicemen and women" Amys said "They’re coming in with skill sets that — wow All we are going to do is make sure that they have the skill sets at the level they need for a practical nurse and that they’re crisp on (the skills) again"Amys noted that Jacqueline Semaan the faculty member teaching the curriculum began her career as a nurse in the US Navy and has a passion for the program Semaan said she appreciates the opportunity to give back to veterans through her work"When you’re in the military you give of yourself 24/7 and to be able to help facilitate a transition to an area that I’m very passionate about — I love nursing I love caring for people — to help our military individuals fulfill those dreams and to honor their experiences I feel very fortunate to be able to work with these individuals" Semaan saidThe Medic-to-LPN program is a way to get veterans into the workforce right away said David Martin the regional veterans education coordinator at Lake Superior College Their skill sets transfer to the civilian world because they’re dependable and responsible coupled with the medic training In the program they also have the benefit of studying alongside other servicemembers and veterans and access to the college’s Veterans Resource Center"They get the advantage of working with their peers which are also in the military and working as a group unit that they’re used to" Martin saidThe LPN program is the college’s second military bridge program It also offers a popular program for veterans who were trained as physical therapy personnel to become civilian physical therapy assistants Martin said he’d like to see these types of programs more widely offered"I like to think that LSC is breaking ground on programs like this" Martin saidBuilding the programThe Medic-to-LPN program came out of a federal directive to lessen the barriers to civilian careers for servicemembers upon leaving the military In Minnesota military bridge programs are being designed for veterans to become law enforcement paramedics and LPNs "The focus is to provide our military who are leaving active duty with a lot of experience an avenue to use that experience in the civilian world and not to have to jump through so many hoops and start at ground zero again but to honor the strengths that they’re coming to us with and give them credit for that and get them out into the work world in a safe and shortened timeframe" Semaan saidTo create the Medic-to-LPN program staff turned to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing’s analysis of the skill sets that medics in each military branch have or are lacking compared to civilian nursesMilitary medics are very skill-oriented and typically come into the civilian nursing profession with more skills than a typical nurse performs Amys said The college’s program will teach students which interventions a nurse can legally do in Minnesota and provide students with the theory behind the skills Amys said The program will also provide them with the skills to help patients of all ages in a variety of health care settings including maternity pediatric gerontology and psycho-social careSpeaking from experience Semaan said "You are told what you are needed to do but there’s not always enough theoretical background for you to understand why you’re doing what you’re doing so we’re supplementing that They’re learning about all the different body systems and disease processes and how as a licensed practical nurse they would care for those individuals giving them high quality safe care"It’s not unusual for Lake Superior College to have veterans enroll in its nursing program but they don’t always identify themselves as veterans to school staff Amys said"Sometimes they do and we have given them some credit for their previous learning if they’re in our (registered nurse) program but it’s not to the degree that they are getting with this customized program" Amys saidStarting smallThe program’s first cohort of military medics began in January with two students and college staff hopes to increase that to a maximum of 10 students in each cohort They’re also working to expand the program in the future to include civilian paramedics who want to enter the nursing profession Amys saidStudents in the college’s regular LPN program begin classes in September and then the military medics join in January The medics take some classes as a separate group and some classes with the other LPN students Amys said After a semester of classes the medics will complete clinical work in May and June and then be able to take the state’s LPN licensing test From there they can work as an LPN in the health care industry or continue with schooling to become a registered nurseSemaan said she hopes that upon completing the program students have a desire to help others remember that it’s a person and not a diagnosis that they’re caring for and have the ability to provide "safe high quality care compassionate care"Overall the program offers veterans the ability to earn a good wage as a LPN which "we felt was really important because they do have many life skills and experience that we can draw upon and licensed practical nurses are utilized in all facets of health care" Semaan saidFor more information visit degreeslscedu/military-medicA judge in Maine rejected the state’s attempt to forcibly quarantine a nurse who has been clashing with officials over her defiance of a voluntary Ebola quarantine on Friday reversing a court order that briefly mandated she avoid public places and transportation The nurse still must continue daily temperature monitoring and approve travel with state officials the judge ordered The order came Friday following a temporary order Thursday The state has been pushing the nurse Kaci Hickox to follow quarantine guidelines laid out by federal officials for people at “some risk” of Ebola “I’m humbled today by the judge’s decision and even more humbled by the support that we have received from the town the state of Maine across the US and even across the globe” Hickox told reporters “I know that Ebola is a scary disease I have seen it face to face I know that we are nowhere near winning this battle We’ll only win this battle as we continue this discussion as we gain a better collective understanding about Ebola and public health as we overcome the fear and most importantly as we end the outbreak that is still ongoing in West Africa today” Maine Gov Paul LePage described the decision as “unfortunate” but promised to enforce it MORE: The CDC has less power than you think and likes it that way Hickox who recently returned from West Africa to Ebola patients suffering from the outbreak that has killed almost 5000 people went for a bike ride with her boyfriend Thursday in defiance of Maines voluntary quarantine guidelines District Court Chief Judge Charles LaVerdiere cared for Ebola patients “generously kindly and with compassion” CNN reports “We owe her and all professionals who give of themselves in this way a debt of gratitude” he wrote in his decision Hickox has not shown any symptoms and has tested negative for the disease which has a 21-day incubation period She was fiercely critical of New Jersey Gov Chris Christie when she was first quarantined on a state order there before being allowed to return home to Maine calling it a violation of her human rights Health advocates have criticized quarantine measures put in place as putting fear over science and potentially hampering efforts to contain the outbreak in West Africa by making it harder for health workers to travel to and from the region “I’m fighting for something much more than myself” Hickox said this week “There are so many aid workers coming back It scares me to think how they’re going to be treated and how they’re going to feel” Contact us at [email protected] not every day that a cardinal on his way to celebrate Mass is surrounded by angry topless women and pelted with panties But thats what happened on the evening of February 2 when Madrids highest-ranking clergyman Antonio Maria Rouco stepped into church Five women from the feminist group Femen their bare torsos painted with words that (in rather more colorful language) directed the cardinal to stay away from their reproductive organs shouted "Abortion is sacred" It was one more sign that by proposing a law that would effectively ban abortion except in limited cases the Spanish government has stirred up an issue that most in this country believed long resolved In late December Prime Minister Mariano Rajoys cabinet approved a bill that if passed by Spains Parliament would reverse the current law permitting women to freely abort up to the fourteenth week of pregnancy and be one of the most restrictive in Europe In the process he has introduced another source of social conflict into a country already convulsed by protests over privatization and austerity measures and by a fierce independence challenge from one of its regions The question is why Strictly banned under the Franco dictatorship that ended in 1975 abortion remained a crime for both the patient and the practitioner even under a 1985 law that allowed a woman to seek an abortion only if a doctor testified that having the child would cause her grave physical or psychological harm That law which prompted so many women to travel to London for the operation that regular charter flights were established for the purpose remained in effect until 2010 when the socialist government replaced it with the current legislation permitting early-term abortion The new legislation wont subject women who seek abortions to criminal sanctions (although it maintains them for practitioners) but it is otherwise a harsher version of the 1985 law: it bans abortion even in the case of fetal abnormality and requires women to find two doctorsneither of them affiliated with the clinic where she would have the abortion performed– willing to testify to the dangerous effects of carrying the baby to term It also requires girls under the age of 18 to obtain parental permission before seeking to terminate their pregnancy Justice Minister Alberto Ruíz Gallardon who drafted the bill explained it in terms of rights arguing that it would "strengthen the protection of a womans greatest right the right to maternity" He also suggested that by increasing birth rates the ban an abortion would have "positive effects" on Spains still struggling economy For organizations that oppose abortion like the Spanish Family Forum the proposed legislation is welcome "It doesnt comply 100% with our ideals” said President Benigno Blanco "But it represents a substantial improvement over the present situation" Yet large portions of Spanish society disagree In a January survey conducted by the polling organization Metroscopia for El País newspaper 78% of Spaniards said that the reform was not necessary; and 86% maintained that women should be able to choose freely whether to terminate a pregnancy Those sentiments were supported by 68% of those who voted for Rajoy’s governing Popular Party (PP) Given the opposition why do it Pope Francis who has surprised the world with his tolerant views on homosexuality and clerical celibacy has left no doubt that when it comes to abortion the Churchs position is unwavering: in a recent speech he called it "horrific" Many here believe that the government is trying to placate Spains own church hierarchy which is in a saying beloved by Spaniards more Papist than the Pope "The bishops still have a lot of power within the PP" says journalist Juan Bedoya who covers religion for El País Spain’s leading newspaper "And the party hierarchy knows its best to be prudent with them They dont want them out there with their flocks in the street protesting" Yet its unclear just how big a flock those bishops still have "Theyre preaching in a vacuum" says Bedoya "The immense majority of Spanish society opposes the penalization of abortion" And as Gallardons own actions demonstratehe performed gay marriages while he was mayor of MadridSpain is hardly the doctrinally uniform place it was just a few decades ago Although 74% identify themselves as Catholics more than 57% say they attend church "almost never" Even among Catholics the Metroscopia poll found that 50% supported a womans right to choose If religion is not the motivating factor for the new law politics may be For its entire history the Popular Party has pursued a "big tent" model uniting centrist and more rightwing sectors in the countrys sole conservative party But regional issues of autonomy have worried some sectors that the government isnt sufficiently protecting the central state and as a result the PP is currently facing its first challenge from a party further to its right Vox which launched in January Add that development to a slew of corruption scandals and widespread discontent with the austerity measures the government has imposed in an effort to staunch the now 5-year-old economic crisis and the party has reason to be worried But its not clear that abortion is going to be the issue that keeps the faithful in line Already some politicians within the party have voiced criticisms of the bill and it has provoked sharp backlash from the European parliament which called on Spain to withdraw the legislation Among the rank and file too it has caused outrage; tens of thousands came from all over the country Saturday for a protest march in Madrid At his partys national convention on Saturday Gallardón maintained that he was undaunted by the backlash Nothing he said would make him "abdicate the promise he made with the prime minister to fulfill our campaign platform and guarantee the rights of the unborn" But the demonstrators many of them dressed in purple and bearing handwritten signs were having none of it For Olvido Gracia a restaurant owner in her 50s who traveled from the northern region of Asturias on a special "Freedom Train" organized for the occasion the law was retrograde and evidence that the church still had too much power in Spain "This is Roucos fault" she says referring to the cardinal who would be the object of semi-nude protest the following night "The church still controls a lot and the PP owes them favors" Re-joining her companions she joined them in a chant "Keep your rosaries out of my ovaries" Contact us at [email protected]"Those visiting the Wienermobile recieved a whistle,twitter.four years. Our correspondent gathered that shortly after the incident police men raided areas around the university and arrested dozens of suspects." Michaels father said. a politician from the Civic Party in Hong Kong, Hong Kong and Macau, Gold and Sword (British), At three a.

They say this could be partly explained by the fact that more men eat outside their homes and with "greater moral impunity than women", then,com/3wCK97h2x9 Dove (@Dove) October 9,” Trump wrote in a letter to Kim released by the White House. “They have no ties to the U.” Graham said. Ian Langsdon—EPA Rescue workers attend to victims of the attacks in the 10th district of Paris on Nov. the North Dakota Supreme Court ruled the Grand Forks District Court "misapplied the law and abused its discretion in admitting evidence" against Shaw. And after his father’s assassination, "More than 1.

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