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How to use video to advertise their products to increase the chain

but if we just want to make the most simple advertising video, the use of PR is enough, you can also use this software and similar video editing software, such as So>

but when I read the article by using the video outside the chain after the article, think of another question, is that in general the video website, for example, youku贵族宝贝 weight is very high, use Adsense tools inquires can see its weight is 9, that is to say, if you can take use this video website to stay outside the chain of their own or advertising, will bring great help to product marketing, but the reality is that many of my friends do not know how to use video sites to advertise themselves, because they do not know how to make video.

, however, is not as we imagine making videos so complicated, sometimes if you want to make a quick and easy video, do not need 10 minutes to complete the film a few seconds, even with the upload to video website, through the audit time and so on, but also can solve the matter within 30 minutes so, what we can to make their own video software of

, a simple

?In fact, if these

saw a friend said that the use of video website to stay outside the chain, then recalled nearly a year ago, had seen some of the Taobao store, also personally shoot some video product, then in the video playing on their LOGO, and in the video on the page with your own website links…… At that time, because do not understand the Shanghai dragon, so just think this is a link to advertising.

video advertising

need anything from simple to complex, we can use a few pictures can make a video, a lot of people mentioned in video production, be sure to say AEPR and 3DMAX, in fact, whether all the video can be made to the professional software

software can make good use of it, can produce very fine advertising video, such as CCTV advertising painting video "I believe the strength of the brand" to achieve is to rely on the three software. But the general public is concerned, may not require the use of less sophisticated video production software, after all, we just need to make a video editing tools needed is enough, for example AE and PR, is owned by Adobe After effect and Premiere AE, is the production of video effects software, for example particle system, such as rain, snow, fire and so on, of course, more effect, can be manufactured by creative with your ideas, and PR is the video clip tool, such as a video and advertising text, or is cut, as we often see some very interesting on Youku fan MAD video, as the end of MAD or a variety of Oscar movies such as MAD PR, is to use the clip out of the video effect.


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