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You need to share education construction site several design problems


three, the content of the site of the thick

for some of our site is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, visitors to practice, we need to do as much as we may make our visitors on our site to feel friendly.

we all know that humans are often able to animal vision, for their attention to things can cause more attention, and this factor has a far-reaching impact on our site "return", at the same time for the education site we must understand the definition of design as an educational website to give the appearance of people with a sense of poise, rather than fancy, too fancy design will think our site is frivolous.

four, siteThis is

I said here that the appearance of the site is not simply said to fancy, but mainly refers to the structure, layout, color website is reasonable, consistent with the definition of our site: education.


two of the site’s content, professional degree

I do not believe that this Appearance of


, a website design.

we can see some of the more famous education site content. You will find these sites inclusive is very high, there are various teaching periods, teaching contents and so on various categories, visitors are often able to at this site in addition to find the information they want, can also shed more information.

site search for education we should make clear they are with a search to search, is the professional information they want to allow yourself to improve, others are not so important. When your site in the first to give people a pleasant feeling, then provide useful information to keep visitors is not easy?

I said thick refers to our content to enrich, enrich. Let the visitors with a search to your site to find the information they want, rather than walk off your site.

to do more to explain, what is your location to the main site to build content, don’t cry up wine and sell vinegar ", as the A5 station network, the content focused on the webmaster technology.

twenty-first Century, "what kind of parents want their children lose at the starting line. The online education is also more and more attention. This line also appeared of every hue of education or training institutions of education site. For we need to pay attention to the details of what education sites can make their own site rise above the common herd in so many sites,? I believe that in addition we need to have a lot of high quality content, site design also plays an important role. Then the author will share several points in the design of education site when we need to pay attention to the details.