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Do the four prerequisites for website ranking

!Finally I wish you

on the road again, farther and farther, wallets, don’t give up, don’t give up, insist, will have a good harvest!

mentality is very important, no matter when we do anything, don’t be afraid of difficulties, insignificant, there is a hit, give up, in this way, every one of us is equal, so when confronted with difficulties, must be calm, don’t complain that, we need to find the root of the problem then, to solve the problem, and give up easily, this is a prerequisite for optimization of the

Two, the construction of the chain of



The construction of chain


for newcomers, the appearance of the website will directly affect your conversion rate, when the user first time to see your site, he will judge is not to remain to the above, so the appearance of the site is very important, for the new, you can according to your starting point, you can imagine your website is judged, of course, if you do not know how to judge the appearance of the site, never mind, I am here for example, we look at the 贵族宝贝0951boai贵族宝贝 appearance of the site, although not very good, but to a certain extent, the premise already allows users to stay for a long time.

, a website appearance of

if we do optimization, if not a very powerful resource, so it is very difficult, in doing so, we must first put up resources, in the course of doing, the best resources, not afraid, not afraid, there is a resource must have quality, or do up a lot of garbage resources will bring considerable trouble.

is a considerable amount of work, don’t look down upon him, but he influence website ranking the most critical step in the chain of our website in fact, is the text of the description, as long as you put the text perfectly, I detailed, your site must have a good ranking, of course for people, if you don’t know what the text description, it can be basis of understand, and then to draw text, then I want to do better.

for new shoes need now, the first feeling for them are very confused, do not know how to do, do not know how to do, then the website ranking, we must do the following, I hope to be able to help newcomers.


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