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China ten inspirational website first inspirational world where the K station

believe that every webmaster all know, huge gains huge amount of good game site is recognized within the industry, so the "inspirational brother" in their own weight high, is not satisfied to the contents of the inspirational volume began to like a small game to start, an inspirational station game? This is actually not what strange also, can not cause the site to be K drop right, but if the use of TAG cheating began to do some keywords their own website without content words, this is undoubtedly the "cry up wine and sell vinegar", apparently inspirational brother practices indeed in the short term to get traffic to the site to soar from 2289 millions of traffic, which will undoubtedly make many webmaster envy, "

first we look at the data that the station is from 17 until 19, included the beginning of abnormal, uprooted, I believe that concern love Shanghai algorithm update friends will find a time these days is also love Shanghai update, why big update in 6-8 month in the station standing, even the flow has greatly improved, but little in this comparison under update has been plucked?

(three) on a website weight began to cry up wine and sell vinegar".

(a) flooding sites collecting content.

The reason analysis of

(two) garbage outside the chain of disaster caused by flooding water.

found from observation, the world’s most inspirational early in addition to pseudo original content in the chain are described under the foot work in a short period of one year has released hundreds of thousands of the chain, let people cannot imagine the number of short-term content outside the chain of the majority, but in the interview to a lot of bad quality. From the chain series published by the world observation inspirational can be found in the station, hundreds of thousands of chain in 75% are from Chinaz, love station tools such as the poor quality of platform, we can imagine that in addition to the chain 10% is from the library, although these make the site outside the chain brilliant for two years, but has also become the site is one of the important factors of K.


series are the following:

world inspirational from early pseudo original web site content, to today’s rampant acquisition time is not a day for two days, often believe that friends have seen this observation. But in the face of love Shanghai algorithm for promotion, collection site hit is more intense, the total elapsed time, trust search engine on its website content is getting worse, this is undoubtedly become one of the main reasons why the site was K.

believe that often observed in some cattle station of Shanghai Longfeng owners will have noticed a man named "inspirational world" website recently by K, from millions of flow reduced to love Shanghai a IP not to, once called the subversion of Shanghai dragon legend website, what is in love with the sea without mercy uprooted? Today Xiaobian some analysis for the development of the station.

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