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4 let you also learn written soft Writing Master

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, want to end, we still have to practice. That is to write, only when we see and think of written text, to bring the chain site, we increase the weight to the promotion of the site, it is useful. Sometimes, we may write an article not through the examination, write two articles not through the examination. This time, as long as you insist, maybe third is approved. Write the hardest thing to set the title, if yes, the rest is easy. We can use a keyword in the title to search related articles, see what is written about the keyword content. Then, combined with his experience and ideas, to borrow some mature content, then the article will be organized in their own language. After doing this, an article on the basic shape.

, more practice After watching

3, write

is a day to take some time out to see the latest yesterday or today released the article, look at others is to write what content, what is the length of the content of the article is what others, the format of the article highlights where etc.. Although some people went to see, but are cursory, just after reading it completely forget what others write, think this is not their content on the surface of what in his mind. This is not hard to see that you, if you see, I think after the audit was released in each has its merit.


1, see

when we read other people’s soft, we need to do more. To this article, what is the imperfect place, if I from another angle to write an article that is higher than the quality of the article, more likely to be approved. And no imitation of its shadow etc.. And when we see two articles from different sides to the same thing, whether we can analyze from the two aspects, to sum up the two common points, different point etc.. For example, some people write the chain to be relevant, some people say that the chain should be diversified. I share an article I wrote between the chain and the link popularity. This is a new concept, although it may not solve the real problem, but this kind of thinking still has a certain novelty. Let us in the actual operation there is a shadow of things for our reference.

in the webmaster, soft Wen can say slowly become one of the best for the chain, improve the site weight way. If before every webmaster want to know more or less Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, then the individual now suggested that each have more or less can write some articles of the site, the promotion of their own. Soft Wen is so useful and important, so how are we going to write a soft text?

to write a little more practice to repeat. But my practice does not mean to write soft this practice. > and

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