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Scindapsus algorithm where the trading link

actually, after all, buy links are in order to improve the weight and flow of the site as a whole, but now we can see that the weight of link brings has no past high, especially some of the chain to buy, the quality is worse. I have also bought the link, I spent a lot of money for the purchase of 7 or 8 of the weight of love Shanghai link, but a stage later found that in addition to snapshot update more frequently, the effect brought very little. After that time the investment I appreciate as Shanghai dragon Er we don’t crush the link, the link is not a panacea.

is not the link is no useless? In fact, link if the quality is good or useful, links to the sale will have a market, then in Shanghai under the link algorithm Scindapsus love transaction will in fact, decide on what path to follow? When trading links become a trading time, is doomed to affect the fair search engine, search engine will be destined to be excluded. The author thinks that the transaction should be linked to the small and beautiful future direction, some large sells link platforms such as home owners will be gradually closed. Why? This is decided by the quality of the link, one-way links to more than ten, the weight can pass will be very low, regardless of your weight, even if the weight of the 9 love Shanghai, one-way links are derived from dozens or even hundreds of the chain effect, so the site even more than not on the weights of 3 outbound links in more than a dozen within, this is also the author of the transaction in the link to realize deeply. We can find many high weight site if you want to sell the chain of words will own the chain contract to intermediary companies, then charge a monthly rent from the intermediary company. The intermediary companies, hanging a link more hanging one hundred links to pay the cost is the same, but gains are very large, so many intermediaries have boasted that the effect is very good, to improve the chain > maximum

there will be a market demand, this will spawned a website link contract then sold to the needs of the Shanghai dragon or owners of the platform, the more serious situation, seriously affected the fairness of the search engine. This Google and love Shanghai have launched a crackdown on the means, we see the love of Shanghai at the beginning of this year on the launch of Scindapsus corresponding algorithm.

has a basic understanding for the Shanghai dragon certainly will know whether Google search engine or love Shanghai will assess the quantity and quality of site links, and ultimately affect the site weight and ranking, we can put the image of each link is become to give us a ticket the site, the more influential people to give you a ticket, the more advantages for you. This lot of Shanghai dragon began to get the so-called hard exhaust all the skills high weight of the chain, a network of resources through the exchange; not only contacts the purchase through the bill; if no contacts no money, one can only really building their own footprints. This can be seen in some unfair.

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