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Not the content of the page appears different keywords

in the process of Web site optimization, keyword mining is surely the key work, and after construction around the key content is priority among priorities, we must be content to say the construction and improvement of key words, the subject must focus on the selected keywords. But there is a problem, often see people say when the contents of the building can only add selected keywords, and keywords can not join synonymous, or relevant keywords, the answer is that this will reduce the unity: keyword density, reduce the correlation, affect search engine judgment. Is this? Wood Shanghai Longfeng think it is entirely possible to join these keywords, here I talk about personal views.

and the synonym to optimize keywords is a meaning, can use these synonyms to indirectly enhance the main keyword density, avoid because of a word stack optimization caused by excessive, not only can increase the correlation, but also reduce the optimization trace, the reasonable development related words, avoid forced to join in a word, the main content and logical also let more relevant keywords, but also ease the words bring a user visual fatigue and boredom. For example, when the word "website optimization space", if it is the website space, website space, will give users a sense of oppression, can add the host virtual server, like the word, not only ease the pressure and the main keywords.




1, increase the relationship, reduce trace optimization

this is the most critical point, in front of 2 after all can in fact be included in this, we focus on. You have to say about the semantic association, semantic topic, semantic theme implied in the text is the theme, the theme is a >

writing page content can appropriate keywords into the form of change, including synonyms, synonyms, related words, the same thing different address etc.. Especially there is ambiguity or more interesting words, a single word many times is not perfect, can better highlight the keywords. For example, the teacher’s name English road information explosion is "Boson", this word alone who knows what, direct translation even "boson" means that the search engine does not know what is your topic, but if you join the Advisory Road, teachers and other words burst in the optimization process, let these words cross in the main content, soon clear meaning, the search engine also can better classify content. So a lot of time to add supplemental main keywords and some main keywords synonyms or related words can be better, let search engines better put you into the corresponding bowl.

of the main keywords


3, the semantic relevance ranking


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