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Analysis of web server paralysis on the search engine and remedial measures

Before the

web server fault recording and snapshot: love Shanghai love Shanghai every day basically is a new article in 1 hours included, snapshot overnight snapshot. The web server on the afternoon of 13 failures, 14 PM to return to normal, the following is a joke www.***贵族宝贝 changes in all aspects of search engine in 24 hours:

[background: a new server in October 14th my problem, the site can not access completely paralyzed. Because the new station is just love Shanghai started every day included, met very worried about the impact of web server fault of the site and found many articles, has not been able to find a web server failure and remedial measures included the impact of love in Shanghai. Now my site has returned to normal, I will write my web server broken 24 hours after the site included changes in share impact on all aspects of the search engine site failure and remedial measures.


look at web service station after the normal change:

night. On the morning of 15, Shanghai has a new found love included, open look, was yesterday added that several fallen in love with the sea K off the page, and to be included:

query to the above situation, in order to prevent the impact on the website of the missing data. I love Shanghai (by first snapshot sites found fault, all the trouble of snapshot) to check a few articles lost data, to add, and re create the same URL according to the original article lost URL. At the same time, immediately update 20 article pseudo original joke.

site 14, 18 PM to return to normal, visit the website background found website data back to 12, which is the data website on the morning of 13 add all lost 13 new articles included are K.

Remedy: ]Text: Speechless

love Shanghai by the morning of 267 included the amount directly dropped to 222 from October 13th to October 4th, the snapshot file; Google included quantity change slightly, about a dozen articles; SOSO hindsight, temporarily no effect. Let us look at the 14 day morning through the webmaster tools query results:

this is the evening of 13 through the webmaster tools query results:

love Shanghai to K page, not included (can not access the site naturally included) included above, noble baby does not return a value, directly through the site query results, Google included no change. The changes included 14 days from the evening of 13, we can see that the site after the failure, the most sensitive reaction for the love of Shanghai. Love Shanghai snapshots and included the amount of rapid response. While Google and SOSO are dull. In addition to love Shanghai website keyword weight ranking: 21 a keyword ranking no change. (perhaps with new sites, less influence).

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