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The chain optimization not every site can do

3, a single theme site

single theme, it also explains the key words not much. Keywords are not many, so it is not appropriate to do within the chain. In fact, in the original chain want to express meaning, when we see a piece of content, because this content has a certain degree of difficulty, like a dictionary, with a vocabulary, the dictionary will give the word pinyin annotation, is convenient for people to read the contents of the. Here is a premise, that is the content of a bit difficult we do within the chain notes. Many times, we have an article obviously very simple, and very short words. This was very.

if there is no Shanghai dragon training emerged, before it can be said that not many people know the website in the chain. Before the station, just to increase the site content and seriously to exchange Links. Also say, at that time to do the site, have been slowly growing into the station now. But since then, Shanghai dragon was popular that few by Shanghai dragon construction stations. So only the title of the article said, the chain optimization not every site can do.

region of Shanghai dragon blog can say is a group of people learned Shanghai Longfeng patents, we can always see the area of Shanghai in the area of Shanghai dragon dragon blog blog here or where. This type of site, can be said to be in the chain is doing a worst. Many people write the original article, always in the content embedded in his area of Shanghai dragon. Then give him a chain, directly to the home page of the site of the chain of his. In fact, this is a very wrong way. Because the chain is relative to a page, a word on a page as long as there is a link, it is a chain. You can see the "love Shanghai" in his encyclopedia, it did not give the content in "love Shanghai" two words in the chain. Because the upper right corner has a love Shanghai home page. So, if you have a home page that the navigation links, don’t add the inner chain home page content. Of course, if you want to emphasize the home made other words, it is OK, but the density is not too high.


enterprise station can be said to be the most likely to receive the Shanghai dragon Er list, usually home to arrange the 3 keywords, and then at the bottom of each page to page 3 of this keyword made four word. What is more, it is the 3 most important keywords do a breadcrumb navigation, the bottom is the 3 words around the word link. Do still feel not enough, but also in the enterprise station article or product to the 3 key words in the chain. These are the links are links to the home page, that is to say, the spider from the home page to your pages to the page, you have to let it repeatedly returned to your home page in this. To do so, people do not feel tired, tired of the spider. So, this site is not suitable for the trend of small and medium enterprises in the chain.

1, Shanghai dragon blog


2, enterprise

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