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Sunspot analysis of how fast sex Shanghai ranked from station group phenomenon

love Shanghai for the station group fighting intensified, but also from time to time stations always break the blockade, a rape love Shanghai, when all home is a stand or the front pages are the same when a station group, we have to admire the power station group, of course these stations are fast, K after we have some schadenfreude (at least sunspot will have) pay so much energy, between the overnight credit collapse, so this method is not desirable, but from the station group phenomenon we can still see some effective methods for love sea ranking, we can study these methods to improve fast to your site ranking.

two, stood outside the anchor link

The importance of

, the importance of one-way link.


group is a very important anchor link is the operation of the stations, the article basically will add the anchor link station, so through a ring operation, will Binet chain effect much better, so we can understand this phenomenon, is not outside the station anchor role extremely important? These stations will not stop the chain, they only rely on the single link and outside the station anchor link can produce strong ranking, do we repeat every day outside the chain is wrong? On this point that sunspot understanding, and do not say to send web site outside the chain is valid at least that stood outside the anchor link is extremely effective for ranking, so we in the chain, is not to pay more attention to some standing outside the anchor link? If we find twenty related industry site, and the owners of these together. Each other in the release and the other side of the anchor link, will not quickly improve the ranking of

I believe there will be more friends to Lenovo down, fast sex Shanghai ranked isn’t so simple? At least in the present situation, "

stations, dozens of websites line links, a large number of one-way links exist, to accumulate the weight and transfer weight to this effect, so effective, then we can think the purchase link is also effective? Many people are now afraid to buy links, but through the station of our principle you can see the power of one-way links, want to quickly improve love Shanghai ranking, can amount to buy some links, but through the station group phenomenon we can draw such a conclusion, when the best buy buy links with the same type links, will be more effective, but do not buy too many things, think twenty within the high weight link is no problem, but the effect is very obvious.

love Shanghai for ranking strategy for many Shanghai dragon are confused, many webmaster is in duplicate with numbness of the dull routine of every day Shanghai dragon, wrote the original hair of the chain is repeated over and over, some people think that the ranking of Shanghai Longfeng his method is correct, some people always do not the ranking that Shanghai dragon just clouds, sunspots have today and share with you through the station group phenomenon summed up how fast Shanghai ranked sex.

Principle and wheel chain

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