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The search engine changes Shanghai Longfeng whether ER can hold live

. Recently, the network about the search engine, said to be boiling hot gas. Every webmaster about a personal development trend of Shanghai dragon. The webmaster ideas are consistent. Ever since Shanghai launched the product weight of love, love Shanghai to have the website made a sweep, anti is not accord with search engine rules are subject to a different program right down, and can think of Shanghai, love temper to


encountered in Shanghai Longfeng no know, only know.

search engine has this kind of situation, for our Shanghai dragon ER is a painful thing. For customers, that all the fault in us. Other people are aware of our line, we do Shanghai Dragon technology, what is to do something every day to pay how much, to get up early in, this is our Shanghai dragon ER spirit. No matter how much we pay to the final word, do not go up, also faces lawsuits may. Take the recent Hangzhou 1818 golden eye broadcast a Qing Hangzhou extension network company customers, in order to optimize the things, through the media of complaints to the company, the optimization of things, is a complete fraud. This is to recognize the customer of Shanghai dragon, we do not love Shanghai company, Shanghai company does not belong to the love, cooperation that is not. Shanghai dragon but the use of the search engine, vulnerabilities, to give website promotion weight. As with this legal loophole, we Shanghai dragon ER is the site of the lawyer, to see whether the technology website lawyers can win the lawsuit, but the final decision is right in Shanghai who love. In the above statement, I summarize the following statement:

two, in cooperation with the customer at the same time, it should be with the customer details


this time, after a certain amount of analysis, I found that love Shanghai the contents of the web has changed a lot, strict, even included the content, can reduce the weight of the website overall, natural ranking floating is not fixed, I do not know you have not told me the same views. For the problem of the chain, first is probably every two weeks, or a month to update a number of the chain, now the number of the chain, separated by two days, three days will have a change. Now many webmaster said the chain has become more and more difficult, this is a great relationship. Perhaps the search engine starts in the trap, eager for the optimization of the site, will be severely punished, some did not ignore the station, but the very front rank.

love Shanghai is not our master, not to swear that we can guarantee is not finishing the work during the contract period, without fee guarantee. Stay at home 365 days of keywords ranking, we can do it, if you want the keywords for 365 days every day, we can’t do that. The auction, there will be price competition, and is a snapshot of the optimization. So we guarantee that we just do that, rather than what we do.


, a us with customers can be assured of

For a long time did not come to visit A5

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