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Shanghai dragon ER of Shanghai Longfeng work needs a clear plan

since I entered the Shanghai dragon industry, what was thought of the prospect of Shanghai dragon, various factors have to think over. I do not know when the Shanghai dragon, always feel that Shanghai is a very mysterious dragon industry, how mysterious, this depends on the understanding of the situation of Shanghai dragon world to answer. Shanghai Longfeng difficult where? The chain search engine algorithm?? or innovation? All possible, actually cannot do without the two words "diligent", the chain can hold up a station, can not represent you, today sent the article 1000 chain can be included, or included it does not mean, you don’t have the same amount of the chain tomorrow.

when a Shanghai dragon ER slowly has tired of Shanghai dragon, it shows that he has hit a wall in the search engine, in fact, the reason is that he is against the wall itself. Shanghai dragon doing lost that Jin was new to the industry, every day for the novel scene applause, and not to hair every day how much hair chain, included a few, and excited.

"site easy, difficult to keep standing." Should this sentence can enter Shanghai dragon head station, only beautiful and practical, while raising the station would be to consider more things, the user experience, the conversion rate is raised up to the station will.

the above is what I want to express the love of Shanghai, search engine friends, at this moment if you have told me the same ideas and insights? Everything, only in the Shanghai dragon can understand the feelings of ER. Because of personal expression ability is limited, but I also try to let you webmaster friends can read everything I say, and the center of. Finally, also hope to know more and more senior Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, QQ:1421102054 (author: 贵族宝贝filter> filter

now Shanghai Longfeng company generally signed with customers is three months, if you do not make a clear regulation in these three months, then three months later, you have to face is a refund. If you don’t take this thing to pay attention to it, then you should consider whether to give up or Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon department. Only with time, practice to solve the Shanghai dragon in the end difficulties problem.

Shanghai dragon cannot do without the hard work and innovation, a Shanghai dragon ER success, learned from his creative thinking ability can be. Do the Shanghai dragon forum signature, also blogs.? as long as the search engine spiders did not stop working day, or some useless. But we cannot completely rely on them. The chain is important, it will still have a "degree", you also don’t know, crazy for a station, this is not good, but there are not very good, in the search engine, everything.. So every day to make a schedule of their work and so on, good or bad, will be clearly displayed in front of you.

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