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Shanghai dragon real value lies in the brand optimization

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plus the future will be the mobile Internet era, the brand should make use of optimization techniques to establish a low cost for the brand promotion of pipeline.

two, Shanghai dragon can only be alone? Through the Department of cooperation to create a higher

wants to improve the company’s overall profit, must have the ability to combine all available resources. Shanghai dragon is the same reason, because it involves the safety, visual presentation, overall structure, loading speed, semantic structure, and so will need information related departments, developers, and editing web design department.


this paper will address some of the market more easily misunderstood that Hai Yao Shanghai dragon training Xiao Bian also hope to let more people know Shanghai Longfeng staff should have what idea.

, a Shanghai dragon is strong way impasse? The emerging industry still has great development space


network community platform market has great advantages, but as long as there is still official website for publicity, and now has some social media to be included in the search results, the difference between the community and the official website will be more and more small.

the majority of small and medium enterprises simply can not afford the huge expenditure, so must through other channels to improve the site came to light, the website optimization are very important. It allows companies to lower the budget to improve propaganda benefits and enhance the user experience on the site, so that enterprises can more closely the hearts of consumers.

so if the brand funds permit, can be combined with SEM, SERPO and Shanghai Longfeng marketing combination strategy, and for saving the cost of start-up companies, because the market has not yet mature industry keywords, so the general characters of competitiveness is relatively low, if timely investment in search engine optimization, will bring good results.

Shanghai dragon the science of long lines, but with the influence of continuous adjustment of the search engine algorithm and the enterprise values, each Shanghai dragon optimization team have their own insights and analysis techniques, through interactive communication between peers, in their own developing into technical and professional, but at the same time also, there will be some conceptual myth.

paid advertising costs increased year by year, coupled with the nature of the industry more and more, in the vast sea to maintain the previous browsing popularity will need to pay double or even higher budget, besides is to increase site traffic.

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is not only in the search engine optimization, more important is to focus on the user’s visual experience, so more need to cooperate with the community team, planning department and marketing department, through the media, expand the brand influence, enterprises need to strengthen the integration of talent specialized business cooperation within the organization, to create synergy.

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