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How to do the marketing content from the ten sources of creative content

finishing below content marketing strategy

content creation in fact many times are generated by the interaction between users, such as the popular problem users are eager to know, and we can have a good user answer finishing, of course this is what the user needs us to give him what "thinking based on" we are doing a lot of although, to meet the needs of some users, but slightly is passive, because we never know what users have all sorts of strange demand. So let us look at the ten creative which provide us ideas: interviews with industry leaders, interviews, investigation on the industry, and then sorted news content, making illustrations to show good video content, and other industry leaders has broadcast are to take the initiative to mobilize the user’s interest is very good. These methods are based on the user, create good content for the user’s creativity, can also for the content of the marketing to provide the most favorable help.


1, creative content based on the user

2, creative content is not necessarily the original


throughout the ten creative content, we found that usually we talked about the original words did not appear in the inside, and first and third in the talk of a "recycling" and "finishing" is to teach us some pseudo original work here, we actually don’t mind the original and pseudo original, first for the search engine, the important point is your content to provide users with valuable information, in addition, it is a long time love Shanghai update algorithm we found that the content of the original and can not completely avoid the phenomenon of K, and the original content for the rise of ranking help is not obvious, at last, the original is not always care about in fact, the original starting point is wrong, we do content or to others, to the search engine to search engine is recommended for people, so a good content It is definitely not the pursuit of originality, but set aside the original and pseudo original thinking, to provide users with valuable content, this website "even if we only 10 a few to be included, is a good website, but also useful to the user site.

Hello, I am virtual son rain. In front of three target oriented "to promote the website content in marketing" to introduce the content of the purpose of marketing and how to carry out marketing content according to the purpose, and for content marketing, I think that is the core of interaction between users, without the participation of users, content marketing is a piece of paper talk. See the searchenginewatch translation of an article about the content of the creative source of the article in the Chinaz, speak very good, a lot to do to perform really well, especially several points are combined with the user to make the contents of innovative ideas, I have to go through their own understanding for the article. First of all the ten creative content source:


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