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How to minimize the risk of bidding

two, experience set

auction page !

love Shanghai promotion ads "to allow customers to come, but the actual waiting for you love Shanghai open bidding, facing 20 yuan a pressure of IP, Shanghai’s official love only hope you are better, of course, we also hope so, but in the face of the opponent and the precise click No consultation also, crustily skin in the face. Numb set leads to no creative clicks, set up a creative click. Nobody will be consulting we troubled today and everyone I love is how to minimize the risk of bidding in Shanghai.

to reduce competitors

three, the impact point


four, click

I have been for over 5 companies, almost every boss and I said, nothing more than to point at the peer site, I do not understand this point about the significance of what I believe in, the boss said to only two, the first to peer learning website, second consumption peer bidding fee. We believe that there are a lot of people were on the peer. What? The only way is to ban the opponent’s IP precision. How to identify which IP are competitors? Look at this nirvana.

you should know why medical and cosmetic industries such as the bidding is but a page, mainly in order to improve the conversion rate of a product, make a page with the whole page to introduce a product, but most are home to do the bidding of the entire company’s products, so the auction page alone or to do better. Do you like two products, a page to introduce a product, to set the auction page according to the key words. Accurate traffic sources into the whole is related to the page, rather than a page what products are introduced is to find their favorite

I understand very well the bidding is money consuming, but I do not recommend pop and customer service of customs clearance are not, if you are a customer call off pop? Then turn off the whole page, I believe that most of the users are operating. Moreover, now more and more mobile phone party, a basic customer service to mobile phone screen popups are blocked. So even if the bidding cost again expensive, also to have the cheek to call pop reduced, try not to use the window service.

five, bidding Nirvana

, a set of

if your page is just the introduction of products, finally a online ordering, perhaps users will find a few more contrast, the bidding position to second third is not the best way, but they don’t want to compare, only to find the core problem, the best way is not to let the user to compare is your page a comparative introduction, with a product, you put the product market and your product comparison, the user will not be cumbersome to find compared to the same product, of course, the premise is that you are going to have an advantage, if you do not have any product highlights, I believe that you will not sell out.

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