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The updated content is king not too ideal

QQ space many articles are relatively classic, and many of them are from Internet users own original, but we can not rule out a lot of content from other sites over the many classic, such as SMS, jokes, and so SNS, like the QQ shield love Shanghai search engine, but we found that in fact, many articles with their own websites without contact, some see above are about personal statements, funny mood log, in addition to some of the nonsense out of order, in fact, QQ space and SNS these places, although on the surface appears to be a collection of articles, but we really do find that at all unable to start, it is no way to find some relevant to our website theme, not easy to find a more classic article, in Fell in love with the sea search, resulting in hundreds of exactly the same.

love Shanghai news source article appeared, is derived from some weight high website, most of them are from their original, many editors from Shanghai love news source inside selected articles, such as our website is early training site, update the article in the love of Shanghai news search "Shanghai education", "Lego training" of these with their web related keywords, and then copied down, do a little modification, such as a title, adjust paragraphs, even a lot of people directly on the release of this cause there are too many similar articles, because of an air conditioning repair site is not only a person himself, in fact each industry website is beyond count if you are, the article from the news source, it will lead to the same article on the Internet very high repetition rate. Multi site due to low weight, led directly to the article not included, many stations in the course of time because the content is search engine drop right.

content is king is perhaps the search engine always recognized by the webmaster friends how to get a better article, is a more vexing problem, in fact, we should try to avoid an article has too many people used, update the article is not too.

get QQ space or some SNS article

webmasters is love for some low weight, or just built new sites, because these sites, their content update is not a problem, need to update, copy and paste directly, even the title can not be changed; before your web site will encounter such a thing, he worked hard to write the original the second day, copy the title search to see, but others sites, and their site has not been included, for the development of the website, can only contact the removal of each other, this is actually a very immoral means, no one would be stupid enough to own articles reprinted by others, will be completely indifferent the article is, unless their station site from others to copy. The sky will not fall, or honest personhood, steadfast working is reliable.

second, a reprint of others site has not been included in the article


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