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Don’t let the mood change affects website optimization

website ranking, Shanghai dragon Er directly affects the mood, change the mood of the different stages of change is the website optimization. This time we will not let the mood influence optimization of our work, also in difficult circumstances, know each mood change stage should do the work, where the key points. The mood changes from the 6 all have to tell everyone at every stage of what we should do.

took up and ready to build a new station, the heart is full of expectations, the beginning is always the hope that through the efforts of the website can meet their expectations: I hope to see the site from weak to strong; hope your keywords can be displayed on the search page; looking websites to flow expectations; look forward to the website for their business earned income. This stage is full of various stages of the website look.

through the first three stages of development, when the time is ripe, you accidentally browse the web, you will find yourself some time ago to now is the harvest season, keywords made by adding the original.


entered the stage of excitement

full of expectations for the site, start to do, the heart gradually calm, because that website optimization is a long-term process of accumulation, to go through a lot of time to complete the precipitation. In the peace period, will do some internal website optimization, content, keywords layout of the chain in the chain of this stage of the work is a basic work, the foundation of the whole work is. This stage is very important and necessary stage.

1, looking forward to

in the above two stages, the site has a certain weight, although we have done a lot of preparatory work, such as continuing to add the original article, increase the chain and so on, but because of the search engine on the web is still in the observation period, so it is always difficult to meet our expectations, it is inevitably different the degree of fidgety psychological, sometimes even questioned their ability. This restless stage is a great test of self adjustment ability, proper treatment is stable through the dangerous period, otherwise it will carry out the work of late to play a negative role. A word that is the why why, the content is not to read other people’s articles, the chain is not to go to the appropriate exchange, exchange with the link release tools with the better effect. Here recommended a good external connection group skycc combination marketing software tool, this tool and the market with different link publishing tools. It is a combination of marketing software will be complementary advantages of current link release reached number, quality, durable, connecting the various characteristics of aging effect of mutual promotion abroad. The effect is very good. The content and the chain that the two are almost done, is to sign a stage in the following.

3, in stage


2, flat and stage

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