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How to solve the website by K left home

such as the title, this is a lot of webmaster headache, of course, the author of a recent station there is such a problem, now trying to solve, of course, before I also appeared in this issue, eventually resolved, here we talk about the factors of these problems.


site instability

many novice webmaster also love website program exchange, actually this search engine is not friendly, originally a station to do good, love Shanghai also included, the structure of your site is also very familiar with the Shanghai spiders love to climb, you suddenly changed the structure of the website in Shanghai, love spiders don’t know how to crawl, only when you put a new deal. This is the same factors that lead to K only home.

: a modified tite


can access many sites sometimes, sometimes not visit, very simple analogy "website is your home, love Shanghai is a go to your family and relatives, originally every time the way to your house is very wide, very good walking, but because your site is not stable, causing Shanghai to climb to take love every time. Long love Shanghai will do you no sense of trust, because every time the way to your home have been broken, I love a long time Shanghai will give you a good weight? Will also cause this problem.

many webmaster first to the name of the web site what are not good planning, directly change, if the weight of high standing general home occasionally change under no great influence, but the content of the page tITe to love Shanghai only think that a new page to start again (included I love you with the general procedure, of course, also have a lot of friends and I would like a keyword, add in the original Tite page. The back here is behind the tITe of the content page we add to this word) usually caused by the K

four: Ip

we happened after don’t complain with sea K we left home, love Shanghai, although it is a robot, but not a station or It is without rhyme or reason. K down the right, certainly are certain factors, including the author of the station is now K is made a lot of wrong, now tell you don’t make mistakes.

Whether changes in the

two: Web site revision

home page

believe that many individual owners generally buy virtual host server, after all, expensive, but this often if the same IP site down the right, there will be some more or less influence on their own station, especially now that the record is very troublesome today, many friends will choose some foreign space, as can be imagined abroad Ip what station are bound to avoid the same problem (the author of a station last month because with Ip there are 2 pornographic station a Liuhe lottery website led by K) it is recommended that you still spend.

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