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The website of Shanghai Longfeng beyond their competitors how

this two days just picked up the website of Monitor Company (www.jiankongcctv.cn), a first for you don’t know well of the industry, a lot of data and the intensity of competition is to analyze the competitors. Analysis of success and failure of competition experience, opponents of the keywords ranking, links, time domain and so on, absorb the beneficial aspects to improve their. There can not be ignored is that the development of very fast potential competitors, we look at the main areas where competitors.

three: Web site overall analysis.

related websites.

two: title, description and customers to see the bread cut navigation

according to the keywords provided by the customer, in search of love Shanghai, the reverse link in front of the site of the first study (domain:xxxx贵族宝贝) and rival domain name registration time, and use the linkdust to see the opponent’s YAHOO link pointing and related text, such You’ll see. rival ranking why so good about the external conditions. Here, check out the data has two advantages, you can know the link conditions of the opponent, two you can find a number of customers may change the link

: see the rank


and select "view source file, right-click the mouse without exception (some website owners may be added to the prohibition right JS, the website source code by clicking on the page: view source file to view or disable JAVA in IE). Right click to view the source file, the key is to see three, title and description, because now the search engine for the weight of keywords is very low, but you can still see the keywords in the keywords main rival station optimization inside. Title which is the most critical, because the search engine is the main reference here, look at how to set the title website, you can also do so, in accordance with the guidelines of the Shanghai love search engine "the title of the article – column name – the name of the web site" is more reasonable, for our personal webmaster, not what brand, suggestion "the title – column name" can be, even if customers want to search for what the company name, home can be, so you can focus on weight, H series label to improve the ranking then to see the source code there is no standard, because H is a set of labels, will not have the father and grandfather the grandson out of the situation (such as H1, but with H2, H3, H4). And to do not want to give the weight of the page is to use NOFOLLOW tags.

Right click

enterprise website in general, relatively speaking, pages are relatively simple, the network company to do things out, navigation above are the basic home about us contact us customer service products and other things, but in fact customers to our site

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