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Face down the right site to tell you the best deal with the process

some website weight is good, but want to further enhance, continue to do the site changes, but the reform of the reform will be right down! Where is wrong? It is wrong, but you know what? Sometimes the correct change, also can let the site is down right.

site is down right, who have not met? But how many people know right down the right way? A lot of people on the site is down right after, always used to modify the TKD of the website, or listen to some rumors of others, to a headache! The final result? Website ranking did not come back, but also let it drop right more serious.

and this connectivity rate of 0 of the website, how good the connectivity rate suddenly large number of sites will be 0? Believe this is not your problem, insist on waiting for, waiting for feedback and the latest operation is good, if you blindly change the server so long wrong


dear webmaster, site of the survival related to the vital interests of owners, but also because of this, but not blindly, learn to judge, do not listen to others talk, make changes to the

Note: 1, do not modify the

website directly on the server to do.

two, because the external problem is right down

website three, reform of the reform has been right down

website! ! Some

first proposed view is: 1, the server is packet loss and obvious timeout; 2, check the domain name DNS is normal; the chain 3, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform view site is normal, whether people send a lot of pornography, gambling outside the chain, the A5 in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis found in many of the customers the type of problem, a month the chain jumped tens of thousands of sites, can not be K off? 4, recently being frequent attack? Many stations are so


! drop right!

on the first day of the 2015, Shanghai love gave us a big surprise, all the CN domain name is killed! This time there are many owners, companies are confused, some people see some others write down the right guess, then go blind modifications, or even pay someone to do.


webmaster will say, my website ranking has been very good, the content is also very good, the website structure is very simple, but how suddenly drop right? I want to emphasize here is the point: the site is down right is not necessarily because of the internal problems of


: a mass has obvious characteristics of the


like this article wrote: excessive optimization, brush flow, and even modify the title title, but really with this? In fact if a type of website domain name CN, was down the right, so there is not absolute relationship, and optimization is to write a mistake! Such a long and minute statement somewhat. Mislead some webmaster.

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