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Shanghai dragon should be re understanding so as to improve for you

The boss of Shanghai dragon

, they do not know what reason is this, these things come from, why do these things, there is no clue, ask technologies such as the technology does not understand the Shanghai dragon is a kind of bird is not known, but for an experienced Shanghai dragon er it is a piece of cake, he was clearly aware of the situation of the sequence of events and proposed solutions, and gives the analysis of this problem has long time effect on the user experience is bad, how bad influence on brand platform.


but a site of Shanghai dragon is summarized in order to optimize the two point:

2, outside the chain

so it really so simple? The answer is definitely NO. If will not become dejected and despondent really have such a simple word problems in all sites, don’t scold scold, today love Shanghai love sea exhaust to aunt tomorrow.

network in Shanghai dragon on the lot, the most is love Shanghai official also gives an optimization model of the guidance, if a point is not the basis of the proposal can go to see a few times, also love Shanghai official of the given optimization proposal is a few points, "what a commonplace talk of an old scholar Title", "Keywords", "description", URL, the construction of the chain, website content optimization and explain in more detail.

said above who is real, the above problems will need professional Er Shanghai dragon to solve, do not know to you through.

said here Yang Zi cite a simple case: a company website is not just on the line for a long time, to show love in Shanghai included after the search results appear in some of the key words out of order description, then the boss saw the leadership, get nervous, do not have these things on our website, what woman private nursing department, baby diaper and so on are out of order.


chain is a lot of hair everywhere, everywhere to buy a lot of water or links to improve the ranking even by posting machine less than a second to send hundreds of thousands or even more links.

1, website content optimization

operation method of the above two points in Yang Zi is what some people say why Shanghai Longfeng simple, only this point of view to Yang Zilai’s summary of the words they just stay in the moment of the Shanghai dragon operation behavior, so that some people talk is Shanghai dragon is in the station outside the station link building content optimization, so simple.

website optimization in the eyes of some people is to send the article, ctrl+c and ctrl+v so simple.

Some basic knowledge of


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