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Shanghai dragon Er give up chasing you again

Then I

out of this industry for more than a year, until the middle of this year, I began to do again. A little excited, but also full of expectations, but this feeling was soon broken by the status quo.

in vain! !

through a period of time, I found the Shanghai dragon too many people, want to own site has a good position in the search engine, but the position of the search engine is limited, great competition. A key day also so hundreds of thousands of people in the search, the keywords of the webmaster may not in thousands, or even tens of thousands! How to get a slim chance of survival in so many competitors? How to obtain a slim chance of survival in adversity? Head is certainly difficult, unless you take the risk of not playing some legitimate means, this kind of "happiness" is short, is not tested. Which day search engine "bad mood", can seal your station at any time. From a long-term perspective, this is obviously

I tried in a road, a road can be in an invincible position. Promotion is certainly everyday, do the promotion at the same time you can come back to think about it, we first elaborate the construction site, the ultimate goal is for what? Do Taobao guest may say is the volume? Do business station may say is the flow, is to show the amount of Google AD do? Friends may say is the click rate? More people would say is to make money! I do not know whether Jingxiaxinlai think, no matter what your purpose is, there is a fundamental point, that is the user experience

reduce the rate of jump out, seize the limited traffic, perhaps more than you pursue to flow more directly, more thorough! This website, there is an old webmaster I said: build your own station, don’t consider what Shanghai dragon, will retain customers is the real skill! My eyes widened. Not imagine the site from the search engine after what will be. Like many new sites (business type) with love.

I’m not a very good web site operator, I’m just a network fanatic! At the beginning of the site, we first establish the essence of positioning, and then collect data, take great pains to establish their own websites. To the construction site, and will try to optimize promotion, promotion is gradual, steady things, there is no reasonable arrangement, will cost you a lot of time, do make life miserable for Shanghai dragon.

08 years, I run a website is B2B mall type website, then the network market competition is not so intense now, just a little effort, it is natural to do a good website ranking, the daily maintenance is also handy. That’s when I do this for the most relaxed, is the most glorious day! Indulge in the joy of success. But because the boss was very suck, the site every day around IP 2000-3000, sales can not follow to go up, ask the customer service, customer service said the high price of the commodities, quality is no better. Angrily, left.

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