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About URL history of your registered domain name


analysis, we can see the PR option to view the changes of historical figure, no matter what the domain name of this site can query the site a few months, the domain name PR change a few years ago, when I suggest you webmaster in the domain name registration with the PR method. History to watch the domain name, the domain name has the following best not to register:

2, PR domain name hijacking is best not registered, there are now some webmaster to domain name will sell at a good price, the PR value of the domain name hijacking method to increase, although this method of domain name in a short period of time the PR value increased, but also the most prone to domain name search engine anti sense. This kind of domain name once registered may not be included in search engine.

domain name is a domain name is a standard to judge the registered value, there are a lot of traffic to determine the domain name website, I’m not here for example, I analyze how to determine the value of the flow domain, we know that a site traffic should be sustained and stable with fluctuations, such as us dear A5 site, Chinaz site, every day the traffic is in the tens of thousands, but no more than six digit and four digit traffic flow below, which is stable. If you analyze several cases following a domain name flow when registering a domain name, then I suggest it is best not to register:

I believe there are many webmaster like me in the face of problems, the new registered domain name does not recognize why love Shanghai? I think this is the domain name of the URL record in time, let me how to analyze the historical records of the time to talk about a domain name in the domain name registration.


1, the PR value of the domain name fell too fast, before the 3 months of the PR value of the domain name is greater than 3, but 3 months later, the domain name PR suddenly reduced to 0, from which you can see the biggest drop in the quality of the website, I suggest that this kind of website domain name is best not to register.

, analysis of the history of the domain name

1 a month, a month more traffic, traffic is almost 0, this kind of website is the leading cause of closed flow is probably out of the brush, brush flow that most search engines disgusted, this kind of website.

This is the website below link analysis of flow dynamic domain nameFlow dynamic



many webmaster in domain name registration when they think of what is what domain name registered domain name, but many webmaster domain name after registration is not included, what is the reason? I registered a domain name in April of this year, feel that this domain is better, but now the day the update domain name or not love is Shanghai recognized, we can look at this screenshot


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