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The difference between Shanghai and phoenix from the media initiative and passive acceptance

and Shanghai dragon, in fact as long as there is a search engine, search and knowledge extraction needs, the Shanghai dragon will not stop! But relatively speaking, Shanghai itself is not controllable Longfeng generalized and ranking to their fans and user stickiness and loyalty is not

the two day a friend asks Xin Yongbao: Tom, I also do Shanghai dragon, but also by doing a small company, WeChat’s operation, but still can not distinguish between the Shanghai dragon now since the media what are the same or different, always feel they should use a thought, but as if not

Author: Xin Yongbao (WeChat subscription number: Q11300781) from the Xin Yongbao Shanghai dragon blog:

actually, this issue as a permanent treasure Beijing Shanghai dragon Er had thought many times! Essence, Shanghai dragon now since the media actually are ultimately the flow with fans as the goal! Just now, from the media seems to be relatively more dominant Shanghai, because with the Internet! The development, with the progress of the times, people more flat on the outside of the news and knowledge acquisition! That is the so-called "I just want to know what I want to know!" since the media exactly this characteristic will play to the extreme


! ! … Good night!

more than 10 in the evening, I go see Papi sauce, Amy Mongolia, Feng Dongyang, caoz, Feng Ye such public No.

, however, is now a resource integration era, the friends and colleagues mentioned in Shanghai Longfeng with media, this is actually a very wise! Shanghai dragon from the media and certainly their development is very good, but the combination of the two is bound to bring fans into greater effect and benefit this is because this! Two complementary

+ Tomb-sweeping Day immediately April Fool’s day comes, Papi sauce is valued 120 million, grassroots Shanghai dragon NO.1 brother Lou song song to attend Papi ads auction starting 1 million days!!! Our dear xiaosa Sa Beining teacher with his girlfriend Li Bai foreign licensing! Became Dave’s son-in-law! Congratulations! Oh, yeah, just Yong Bao had recommended Zhu Haitao media join loose brotherhood! Congratulations to

Shanghai dragon and the media


, that is to say, if the analysis of them, have to from Shanghai dragon and operation from the media content with the profit point of view I think, they can be divided into: initiative and passive acceptance of two

flow! !

then again, now with the Shanghai dragon from the media in both the content is king! Fan from the media fission is very fierce, fierce to once from the media brand building can continue straight up! But of course also has its limitations, such as the media itself is not the kind of Shanghai dragon can continue to bring fans property of new varieties and more extensive preference groups and


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